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Standing on the shores of the Mediterranean, Barcelona is Europe’s great tourist discovery.

Gastronomy has become one of Barcelona’s top attractions. Catalan cuisine is certainly one of the typical Mediterranean styles of cooking which enjoys the greatest prestige worldwide. The Mediterranean diet, chosen by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural World Heritage, is among the healthiest, and the key to its success lies in this region offering finest natural products from sea and land.

Barcelona is a showcase for a new generation of chefs who have revolutionized Catalan cuisine and are known worldwide. Barcelona’s restaurants use market products to create traditional but cutting-edge dishes. In addition, immigration and tourism have developed Barcelona’s interest for exotic cuisine. Barcelona’s famous food markets are undoubtedly associated to local gastronomy. There are more than 40 permanent markets throughout the city.

Délice delegates

A dedicated team within the Tourism Board of Barcelona is involved in Délice activities:

Ignasi de Delás, Deputy General Manager, Turisme de Barcelona

Mònica Terol, Barcelona Food & Wine manager

Marisa López, Barcelona Food & Wine