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Brussels has long been a city with a proud gastronomic tradition.  The fare is generous, tasty and irresistible and local specialities are devoured with relish.  Brussels is the capital of 500 million Europeans and its gastronomic culture is largely influenced by this convergence of multiple and diverse cultures.

The local cuisine, a subtile declension of French cuisine, reflects the influence of the country’s different regions:  seafood from the coast, salted meats from the Ardennes… Brussels and Belgian specialties are generally combined.  Popular gastronomy highlights that cannot be ignored include beer, chocolate, Brussels waffles and chips.  Mussels and chips constitute an emblematic dish, as do purees garnished with vegetables called “stoemp”…

There are many Michelin-starred restaurants in Brussels but it is also the quality and number of medium-range restaurants that contribute to the city’s high reputation.  The chip stands are worthy representatives of local street food. Since March 2012, Brussels has the world’s only gastronomic tramway (Tram Experience) featuring the cuisine of local and international chefs !

Délice delegates

“Brussels has always considered food culture and gastronomy is a major asset of our city marketing. We’ve been enthusiastic about the Délice network from its very first days. It is the only platform where we can exchange good practices and knowledge, secure partnerships with cities sharing the same values and contribute to the economic growth of our city.”

Olivier Marette, Project Manager Gastronomy, VisitBrussels