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Nicknamed the City of Big Shoulders, Chicago rests along 26 miles of lakefront and is home to over two and a half million people.

Most notably, Chicago is one of the world’s greatest food destinations. The Windy City has 19 Michelin star restaurants and over 5,500 restaurants, and is the destination of the greatest food festivals on the globe, including the Taste of Chicago and Chicago Gourmet.

Chicago’s culinary culture owes its outstanding dining scene to its melting pot of peoples – spread across 77 ethnically diverse neighborhoods welcoming visitors with an array of international aromas. Greektown, Chinatown, Little Italy and Pilsen, Chicago’s Mexican American community, are just a sampling of our flavorful neighborhoods. From French and Polish to Japanese and Middle Eastern, Chicago’s ethnic food options run the gamut.

Délice delegates

“The Delice Network allows international cities to collaborate, share ideas, and learn best practices for promoting vibrant culinary scenes throughout the world. As Chicago has grown into a culinary epicenter of the United States, our membership in the Delice Network has given us unique insights into global marketing, tourism, and gastronomic trends, and an international forum to elevate our own dynamic culinary scene.”

Mary Kay Bonoma, Executive Vice President, Illinois Restaurant Association and Chicago Gourmet

Chicago is both represented by Mary Kay Bonoma and Leroy Allala, Executive Director of Chicago Sister Cities International