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Gothenburg is the second city of Sweden and the fifth in Scandinavia. It is also an important economical and cultural centre as well as the first harbour of Scandinavia.

The finest ingredients, inventive, innovative and open-minded chefs with their finger on the pulse of Sweden’s developing tastes, all working together for one aim – the best dining experience possible. These are some of the reasons why Gothenburg is one of Europe’s top culinary destinations.

In Gothenburg you will find the highest number of first-class restaurants per capita in Scandinavia. Chefs seek out products of the highest quality that is locally produced and grown organically wherever possible, to create a total culinary experience. Their modern approach to cuisine is based on Swedish traditions combined with new tastes and ideas from all over the world.

Délice delegates

Camilla Nyman, CEO, Göteborg&Co

Lena Hamberger, Business and Partnerships, Göteborg&Co

Picture: Camilla Nyman during the Délice AGM 2013 in Chicago