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Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong Province, is a famous cultural city with a long history of over 2200 years, covering an area of 7434 square kilometers, with a population of over 16 million.

Guangzhou is one of the five national center cities in China, one of the three national comprehensive gateway cities, the world famous port city, the political, military, cultural, scientific and educational center of Southern China as well as a national comprehensive transportation hub.

“Guangzhou-a food paradise” is long renowned at home and abroad. Guangzhou is the birthplace of “Cantonese cuisine” which is one of the eight China famous cuisines as well as the food culture center of Southern China. Three major food system of the world (Chinese food, Western food, Halal food) and domestic major cuisines, local cuisines are all well developed in Guangzhou, with Cantonese food as the prominent one.


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In recent years, the growth of Guangzhou City catering industry has been playing the leading role among other industries. From 2011 to 2015, the retail sales volume of Guangzhou’s lodging and catering industry increased by 12.4% year by year, and the scale of which has always been ranked in the forefront of the big cities in China.
In 2010, Guangzhou has become the very first city to obtain two titles as “eating in Guangzhou, Capital of Chinese food” and “International Food Capital “, awarded by China Cuisine Association, the world Chinese cooking association.

In 2011, Guangzhou was awarded by Forbes as one of top ten Influential cities in China in catering industry. More than 70 national diamond class restaurants in Guangzhou makes it one of the cities enjoyed the largest number of national diamond class restaurants. So far, 40 food blocks existing in Guangzhou become the main window to showcase Guangzhou the food paradise.