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İzmir, which faces the blue waters of the Aegean on one side and the mountains of Anatolia on the other, has been an important center of culture and economy throughout history.  The rich cultural structure of İzmir has also been key to enriching the cuisine of the region.

Historical markets in Izmir are also the source of traditional tastes. Markets, which are visited by thousands of people every day, host restaurants that serve regional dishes that are transferred from generation to generation. The historical Kemeraltı Market, which is one of the world’s biggest outdoor bazaars, is the ideal place if someone is searching for such delicacies.

One of the most important elements of culture is the cuisine. Turkish cuisine is a rich one. Turkish people have always regarded health and food highly and have been able to combine their personal tastes pertaining to the cuisine with art. Moreover, spreading across much different geography, they have interacted with various cultures.