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Délice member city

Currently, the Municipality of Lisbon, in a partnership with the Lisbon Tourism Office, is implementing an identity brand to promote Lisbon’s gastronomy: Lisboa Eat and Love It.

Lisbon is also promoting the international consolidation of Lisbon Gourmet, its food supply, the Chef’s and dining outlets and the rehabilitation of markets with the creation of spaces for catering as well as supporting events/initiatives for street food.

As future initiatives, the Lisbon brand partnership is envisaged with major structures, such as the European Academy of Gastronomy and the Culinary European Observatory.

Délice delegates

2 questions to Alberto Laplaine Guimarães, Secretary General, Lisbon City Council

1. Your work responsibilities and tasks?
Secretary General of the Municipality of Lisbon. Lisbon’s representative in national and international projects related to gastronomy, including the Délice Network.

2. Which aspect of Délice do you prefer?

  • Knowing other practices and gastronomic heritages from different cities or cultures, andexperiencing them on site
  • Best practices in this field to help our city to implement effective measures in different components of gastronomy issues and areas, such as tourism, economy, university education and investigation, markets, street food, festivals…
  • Spirit of networking

Picture: Alberto Laplaine Guimarães (right) with the Chef José Avillez Belcanto during the Délice Network Meeting in Lisboa (April 2015)