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Merida is the capital of the  Mexican Yucatan peninsula, home to one the world’s greatest regional cuisines. In addition to the heritage of native Mayan recipes, its isolated peninsular location facilitated the absorption of food & flavors of foreign regions such as Spain, Portugal, France, Holland, Lebanon, Cuba & Africa.

Today, gastronomy is a true trigger to attract Yucatan tourists in Mérida. As the whole of Mexican gastronomy has been recognized in 2010 as “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity” by UNESCO, Mérida has made its way to become one of the top 5 Food Regions of the country.

Famous chefs, Food Events, great culinary institutions, markets and other food actors participate in pushing Mérida on the local and international scene as a top food destination. They all work in order to preserve the food heritage of the peninsula and offer local and qualitative food to the people & visitors.

Délice delegates

“Gastronomy has long been an important consideration for our city, and one we are extremely proud of. Our lives revolve around the traditional dishes and recipes that have been passed from generation to generation: the Cochinita Pibil, the Lime Soup, the Motul Eggs and many more. Our challenge is to keep the local food in the top of the city food offer and to use this heritage to develop tourism. It is the work of the City of Mérida but also the many local organizations involved in the food & agricultural sector.”

Carolina Cardenas,
Director of Tourism & Economic Development