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Since its foundation Riga has stood at crossroads for various nations and cultures that reflect in architecture, arts heritage and culinary offer.

Latvian cuisine offers to discover gifts of Northern nature. Over centuries, Riga has also gained a rich multi-cultural heritage that is visible in restaurants’ menus. Anyone will find a restaurant or café to suit his or her culinary wishes. One can choose modern Latvian cuisine that is lighter and based on seasonal local products or traditional heavier slice of pork and potatoes.  Riga has been a Soviet city for 50 years and consequently a number of Russian and Caucasian restaurants serve their traditional meals. Whereas 20 years of independence have brought South-West European trends to the restaurants.

The core of Riga’s gastronomic activity is its bustling Central Market (one of the largest markets in Europe that works all the year round). Smaller green markets of local products also spot regularly around the city, including the Slow Food market in Berga Bazaar.

Délice delegates

Linda Pukite, Project Coordinator, Foreign Affairs Office, Riga City Council

Picture: Linda Pukite with her colleague Sanita Bārtule at the Ribeira Market in Lisbon