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Food Concepts on the menu of the Délice Gathering in Brussels

17 cities gathered in Brussels for the first Délice meeting of the year that took place from February 7 to 9 2018.
Needless to say that Brussels had a lot to showcase in terms of gastronomy. The Délice partners of visit.brussels chose to focus the meeting on food concepts and how consumers are looking today for experiences when it comes to restaurants & street food.

During the 3-day program, delegates were invited to learn and share experiences on what concepts consumers are looking for and how chefs and event organizers are proposing more and more of these experiences. These discussions allowed them to position their own city within the global context, on the move.

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In addition, Brussels hosted the first Political Gathering of Délice Network. Elected officials of 9 cities met on Friday 9th at the Brussels City Hall, under the invitation of the Mayor Philippe Close and the Deputy-Mayor Karine Lalieux, to discuss about the future of food & gastronomy in urban development but also how international networks such as Délice can make a difference for the cities involved.

The representatives took the floor one by one, focusing on each city’s strategies in terms of food and gastronomy.


  • Explained how important for each of them food&gastronomy is
  • Brought concrete examples of initiatives implemented by the city to enhance its food&gastronomy (events, studies, collaborations, markets…)
  • Focused on opportunities for working together and helping each other via Délice Network.

Some of them pointed out also the expectations they have towards the Network: exchange, development through connection with other cities, sharing and learning from each other’s success and failures.

Everybody underlined the importance to belong to such a network and their will to adhere to the values upheld by the network:

By becoming a member of the Délice network, the only international network of cities devoted to gastronomy, healthy eating and good food, member cities share certain universal values:
1. The need to preserve cultural heritage and raise people’s awareness about the importance of gastronomic & food culture.
2. The wish to rethink food & gastronomy in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.
3. The desire to bring together actors involved in the gastronomic value chain to develop a global project for each city.
4. The conviction that food & gastronomy are instrumental in creating strong social cohesion.
5. The commitment to establishing food & gastronomy as a cutting-edge sector in terms of job creation and entrepreneurial development.
6. The promotion of food & gastronomy for the development of sustainable, high quality tourism.
7. The importance of education, transmission and research when seeking to convey strong values regarding healthy eating habits, food & gastronomy.



Full Program available HERE

Brussels Gathering in 2018

Brussels Gathering in 2018