Buenos Aires is the 30th member city

July 19, 2019

Argentina enters the network!

After a few months of discussion and a participation as observer to the latest Délice Network gathering in Tucson, the application supported by the Tourism Board of Buenos Aires has been approved by the members of Délice Network. The capital of Argentina becomes the 30th member city of the Network and the second city in South-America.

Mostly known for it's meat, Buenos Aires is definately one of the most thriving foodie city in South-America. Some of the best chefs of the continent are implemented in the city, offering a traditionnal and modern cuisine.

As a city if it's time, Buenos Aires is also following the current trends, with many crafted beer factories, food trucks and cocktail bars.

By joining the network, the city of Buenos Aires is looking to keep developing its food sector and position itself as the major food city of South-America.