Délice Network Working Group

November 25, 2019

1st working group: Building a Food Strategy

2020 will mark a turning point in Délice network, with the launching of working groups, a new working method that will gather a small group of member cities to work together on a specific topic. This new methodology is a tremendous manner to consolidate an diversify the way Délice members work together, exchange knowledge and learn from each other.  


On a voluntary basis, Délice cities will have the possibility to apply to the working group they are interested in, and share with each other, always supervised by an expert.

1st working group: Building a Food Strategy

Food and gastronomy has become a very complex and tricky topic to deal with for cities, as it is now a strategic trigger for territories. Therefore, cities must develop a holistic strategy to solve the challenges they are facing. However, considering the great diversity of both public and private stakeholders and the various topics linked to food and gastronomy, formalizing such a strategy can easily become a knotty process.

It is in the light of this observation that Délice cities decided that the first working group will focus on building a food strategy.

To advise them in this process and settle a clear, adaptable and on a long-term strategy, Borghild Eldøen will accompany participant cities in the conception of their food strategies. Borghild has worked for over 20 years on the development of strategies for both private and public organizations, and has a strong food related experience through her position as a Communication Manager at the Gladmat festival.

Participant cities:

Barcelona, Spain

Brussels, Belgium

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cali, Colombia

Tucson, USA

Stavanger, Norway


To keep innovating on food and gastronomy, other working groups will soon follow-up!