Délice network

Introduction to Délice Network

November 09, 2020

For anyone curious about the network

Available on replay: a 60-minute sessions introducing Délice Network, our approach to food & gastronomy, our expertise and our purpose. All you have every wanted to know about the organization is here!


During the first online Annual General Meeting, held from october 27-29, the 32 member cities gathered to learn, share & connect. 11 sessions were organized for the city representatives to keep sharing best practices, gain knowledge and think collectively on how the Covid crisis will impact our food cities on the longer term.

For any non-member city or partner within a member city, the session Introduction to Délice Network allowed an immersion inside the values and DNA of the organization.

Understanding what makes Délice specific compared to the other global organizations in the ecosystem, the value to members and hearing how members get value from their membership.

It's all available here, in replay!