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The cuisine of Riga and Latvia is characterised by seasonality. The four seasons in Latvia assure variety also on the dinner table. Almost everything that is traditionally put on the table could be seen just outside the window, gathered in nearby fields and meadows, forests, rivers and lakes.

Over the centuries the blend of German, Swedish, Russian and Polish culinary heritage laid over the natural heritage left by our ancestors and nowadays global influences  inspire our chefs to undertake bold taste experiments and unexpected food combinations.

However the rye bread - the fruit of heavy labour - has always been and still is the core of the Latvian food.



The Riga Festival Restaurant is organised during the largest free public event -Riga City Festival - which takes place in the third week-end of August each year. Here you can meet the most famous chefs of Riga and allow yourself to be treated by their delicious offer basically made of local products.



Riga Restaurant Weeks take place twice a year – in May and October. During the week the guests can taste an excuisite three course meal created by the best chefs of Riga at a very attractive rate.



Riga Central Market was established in 1930. The market is characterised by five massive construction hangars initially buit for purposes of producing Zepellin aircrafts outside the city and nowadays forms integral  part of Riga panorama. Each hangar hosts a pavillion of particular product group – fish, vegetables, grocery, milk and meat products. The highest demand is for the fresh seasonal produce of local farmers – vegetables and fruits, milk and meat products, fish.  The territory of the Riga Central market is included into the UNESCO World Heritage list. 


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