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In recent years, the gastronomic scene in Aarhus has seen significant developments - four restaurants now hold a Michelin star – with the level of quality, variety, and creativity flourishing all over the city.

Two trendy food markets offer the ideal setting for a night out in an informal atmosphere, eating good food with locals. Walking around Aarhus, you quickly realize that food holds a special place in this city’s heart. From cozy cafés, high-quality coffee shops, vegetarian eateries, bakeries, organic supermarkets to Danish ‘Smørrebrød’ and hotdogs - there is something for everyone, for every budget – a true foodie will feel right at home in Aarhus.



The Food Festival is an annual food event set in the beautiful bay of Aarhus. The festival takes place every year on the first weekend of September. It is one of the biggest food events in Northern Europe, hosting performances such as Danish Championship in Hotdogs. Thanks to such activities, the Aarhus Food Festival combines innovation and interaction with the audiences.



Food Walk offers guided gastro-tours in Aarhus, where guests get to explore the city while tasting it. The guides tell stories about Aarhus and take participants to various eateries to meet the owners and taste the local specialties. Food Walk in Aarhus offers a unique experience where culture and food combine.


Beach Chefs

De rullende strandkokke

Discover that Aarhus' beaches are full of delicacies like seaweed, prawns, mussels, and herbs. Every day in weeks 28-31, you will find beach chefs on one of the beaches in Aarhus. The beach chefs will tell guests about edible produce found on the beach, and they provide equipment for catching and gathering them.



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