08 - 10 Oct 2018


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Ratings & rankings: Who has the power?

Délice 2018 AM

Every year, the global culinary world holds its breath when Michel in announces new visited destinations and its new ranking, or when The World's 50 Best Restaurants are revealed.

With their international reputations, these influencers are able to set trends on the food destinations of tomorrow. But what are the mechanisms behind and are they the only inf luencers our cities can use to stand out?

The 3 day program of the Annual General Meeting of Délice allows participants to understand who the real influencers are. They will be sharing their vision on the topic and giving their own approach on how to work with these influencers.

Part of the program will be shared with the participants of another international conference: Tomorrow's Food Travel, in link with many of the dopics discussed within Délice. The partners and professionnals of Gothenburg will be hosting this international audience and presenting the best initiatives of their city.



The reports & presentations will be made available to the Délice Network members after the event