05 - 07 May 2020


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Urban eating culture:

Co-organizing the transition

In Lyon, 95 % of all agricultural products are exported, while the local food-processing industry imports 68 % of its products. Accordingly, it has become necessary for cities to reconnect local producers and farmers to the inhabitants and to change drastically the current food system.


Therefore, from 5 to 7 of May 2020, Lyon, founding city of Délice Network, will welcome delegates from member cities to gather around food and gastronomy. With the recent publication of the Metropolitan Food Strategy, a magazine gathering articles and objectives toward a more resilient, inclusive and sustainable food system, this meeting’s topic was agreed to be: Urban eating culture: co-organizing the transition.

This meeting will be the occasion for cities to find solutions to change towards more healthy and sustainable food practices while preserving and developing their food sector.