05 - 07 May 2020


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Urban eating culture:

Co-organizing the transition

On October 2019, Lyon has inaugurated its new gastronomy temple, the International Cité de la Gastronomie. Hosted in the iconic Grand Hôtel Dieu, this modern and interactive museum of more than 4000 m2 approached Lyon’s iconic chefs, nutrition, health and local terroir. So what a better time for the city to host a Délice Network Meeting?


From 5 to 7 of May 2020, Lyon, founding city of Délice Network, will welcome delegates from member cities to gather around food and gastronomy. With the recent publication by Grand LYON la Métropole of the Metropolitan Food Strategy, a magazine gathering articles and objectives toward a more resilient, inclusive and sustainable food system, this meeting’s topic was agreed to be: Urban eating culture: co-organizing the transition.

Indeed, in Lyon, 95 % of all agricultural products are exported, while the local food-processing industry imports 68 % of its products. Therefore, it has become necessary for cities to reconnect local producers and farmers to the inhabitants and to change drastically the current food system.