05 - 07 May 2020


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Urban eating culture:

Co-organizing the transition

Since about 80 years, Lyon is seen as the world food capital, thanks to its strong food & gastronomic culture, its famous chefs, and its inimitable local terroir. Yet, regarding the change towards more sustainable, resilient and healthy ways of producing and consuming, cities must adapt to face these new challenges. But how cities of gastronomy can evolve without losing their food culture and identity?

Regarding this observation, the meeting’s topic was agreed to be: Urban eating culture: co-organizing the transition.

It will be the occasion for cities to find solutions to change towards more healthy and sustainable food practices while preserving and developing their food sector. Through discussions and debates with local and international key players, Délice members will understand how our organizations can encourage all actors of the ecosystem to keep their passion and creativity, with consideration for health and sustainability.