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Gastronomy, a key asset for city development

Délice is a global network gathering cities whose culinary heritage & gastronomic offer define them as great food destinations.


These cities believe that thanks to their heritage and strong gastronomic culture or their strong food strategy, they can gain impact in terms of city attractiveness, economic development, employment and general well-being!

In an urban environment, food offer is essential. Cities have a role to play to develop a qualitative and diverse food offer for the local population & tourists.

Members of Délice Network are representatives or municipalities, city marketing agencies or tourism boards… experts from all horizons convinced of the need to build a strong food strategy in their city.



A global network to exchange and progress

Délice is the unique global membership network gathering institutions around gastronomy.

Today, 22 of the top food destinations around the world work hand in hand to share best practices on gastronomy and culinary-related topics

Created in 2IMG_9353007 by the City of Lyon, Délice aims at facilitating active contacts between municipalities, chefs, local talents, culinary schools and other gastronomy professionals.

Délice proposes a forum where cities can share experiences and knowledge, build strong partnerships and facilitate innovation.

Délice Network is looking to see how Gastronomy can be a trigger to city attractiveness & economic development thanks to projects that involve:

Local & International Events
Quality Management
Public Relations
Protecting cultural heritage & traditions
Facilitating innovation


A tool to facilitate partnerships

Limited to 30 cities around the world, the strategy of Délice Network is to offer qualitative activities and partnership opportunities to members from around the world.

In a city, gastronomy is not all about the institutions. Both public and private sector can grow following ideas and models brought by the network throughout the activities:


Events and meetings – At least 3 network events per year in one of our member cities

Best practice sharing – cities find inspiration in the success and the challenges faced by others

Partnerships & collaborationsThe network facilitates bilateral collaborations based on gastronomy

General Knowledge – Délice brings experts for cities grow knowledge ans build a strong and efficient food strategy

Network projects – Délice offers member cities efficient solutions & project to implement in each city

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Discover the project “The Taste of a Great Food City”


For more information on Délice Network activities, contact the Délice Office in Lyon, France


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