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Restaurantes Sostenibles in Barcelona

July 30, 2020

Project of the Month

Since 2017, the Municipality of Barcelona can rely on the expertise of Sergio Gil & Federica Marzioni to engage the local food sector in the path for sustainability. Within the Restaurantes Sostenibles Association, they provide a robust framework introducing sustainability through training sessions, they promote Best Practices and develop tools such as an important database of meaningful suppliers for the sector.


"Everyone has a role to play.
We firmly believe that by working as a collective we can improve through the food on our plate a positive and measurable impact on the wider food system. We count on a huge number of pioneering restaurants putting this issue as front and centre of their operations

Thanks to grants and associated partners, they offer their services to restaurants, cafés and other food entrepreneurs in Barcelona but also Madrid and Andalucía. 200 beneficiaries have already followed courses led by the Association that follows the methodology Gastropologia developed by Chef and Anthropologist Sergio Gil.

The activity of the association has not been paused with the sanitary crisis. “Especially in tough times a strong endorsement and commitment to bars and restaurants is needed” says Sergio Gil.

Among their recent initiatives is CUBIK, an active network to share knowledge through a virtual forum with the aim of designing the guidelines for the future of bars and restaurants in the city of Barcelona.

The first virtual gathering of Cubik was held in June and gathered over 100 participants in 6 round tables. 
The participants were young entrepreneurs (under 35 years) from different neighborhood of the city independent restaurateurs, restaurateurs of the Haute Cuisine of Barcelona, Suppliers committed to sustainability, influential voices (from research, universities and education), Professionals linked to the sector (from different fields: design, architecture, food, urban mobility, etc.).

The participants collectively elaborated transversal proposals, initiatives and action plans for the sector. This material will help the Municipality of Barcelona and other local institutions set-up a recovery plan for the sector, in consideration with the needs of the sector and the sustainable development goals

Download the conclusions of the first Cubik Forum with the “live voice” from the sector 
Check out the Cubik website