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Mission & Vision

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In urban environments all around the world, the food offer is essential. With the change in customer behavior, food & gastronomy have more than ever become inevitable for city development, city promotion & citizen wellbeing. Cities now have a role to play to develop a qualitative and diverse food offer for the local population & tourists in order to remain competitive.

Délice Network is a tool for worldwide cities who consider food and gastronomy as a boost for urban economic development and city attractiveness.

The member cities of the network all believe that thanks to their heritage and strong gastronomic culture or their strong food strategy, they can gain impact in terms of city attractiveness, economic development, employment and general well-being.

Délice Network is the most significant professional network linking food and gastronomy to city development, promotion and the overall wellbeing of its citizens. It brings together city representatives involved in implementing food-related projects and initiatives. Thanks to the network, they learn, share and connect.

Fields of Action

Food and Gastronomy are complex topics for city institutions. Each Délice member has a different approach on what they include and how they can act as a public institutions. 

This diversity brings the strength of our network, with cities working on different concepts, different projects and with a different approach.

All the topics discussed within the network are linked to one of our four fields of action around Food & Gastronomy: 

Food Culture

as part of a City Identity 

Food sector

as a boost for Economic Development

Food scene

as a tool for global Recognition & Attractiveness

Food policies

to enhance Urban Livability

Gouvernance of the Organization

Délice Network is a French membership based non-profit organization

An Executive Committee acts as the running body of the organization. The six members are city representatives, elected by all members for a three-year mandate.

The Executive Committee defines the strategic line of the association, controls the activities and results and keeps under continuous review the Association’s finances.

The Main Office of the organization is based in the founding city Lyon.  The Délice Network manager handles the daily management of the organization, with the support of a Project Officer.

The current team

The running Executive Committee was elected by the General Assembly in November 2016 in Bordeaux, France.
Their mandate will go until September 2019.  

Olivier Marette

Olivier marette

City of Brussels | President

As the Gastronomy Expert of Visit.Brussels, Olivier overviews the food & gastronomy sector of the thriving Belgium Capital and follows the international trends. Brussels has developed a strategy to attract innovative restaurants, mixing tradition and modernity.

Lars Isacson

Lars isacson

City of Gothenburg | Board member

As  senior strategic advisor of Gothenburg & Co, Lars is involved in the strategic planning for the development of his city. Gothenburg has worked strongly to develop a food sector with strong creating economic impact for the city.

Georges Képénékian

Georges képénékian

City of Lyon | Treasurer

The Deputy-Mayor of Lyon in charge of urban planning has always considered gastronomy as a key element of the city. Georges brings the vision of the founding city of the network and is engaged in keeping Lyon as an international food capital.

Monica Prida

Monica prida

City of Puebla | Secretary

As Secretary of Tourism for the Municipality of Puebla, Monica represents growing non-European members of the network. The City of Puebla works strongly in preserving it’s food heritage & culture and highlighting the rich Mexican cuisine.

Ignasi Delas

Ignasi de delàs

City of Barcelona | Vice-President

The Deputy Director of the Tourism Board of Barcelona has a long experience in International Networks. The City of Barcelona has developed a strong tourism strategy based on food & gastronomy.

Elina Siltanen

Elina siltanen

City of Helsinki | Board Member

As Director of the Wholesale market for the City of Helsinki, Elina has a great overview of all the food & gastronomy related projects of her city. Helsinki has developed various initiative for the citizens to bring good food in the urban environment.

Camille Benoist

Camille benoist

Head Manager

Camille has been in charge of the network since 2016. Engaging with new cities, creating collaborations between members and ensuring the dynamic within the group are the main drivers of her mission for the organization.

Gabriela Martin

Gabriela martin

Projet Officer

In the frame of her degree in International Affairs, Gabriela supports the development of the organization by assisting the manager. She is in charge of communications and social media as well as project follow-up within the network. 

Our history and values

Founded by the City of Lyon in 2007, Délice Network is a unique organization with a special history and shared values