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Délice Network is a tool to explore, rethink and collaborate on the global issue of Food & Gastronomy. Comparing diverse cultures, approaches, and methods enables all to prosper and develop innovative ideas.

Délice member cities have expressed a wish to pursue these efforts into the future and welcome Cities with a new and innovative approach to food & gastronomy and strong food culture.


Through Délice, Member Cities create together strong working partnerships, gain excellent knowledge, exchange initiatives, and good practices. Thanks to Délice annual theme-based gatherings, participants can discover the host city's food projects, learn from international experts, and take time to exchange news and practices in each city. 

Thanks to these meetings, member cities consolidate partnerships that facilitate a wide range of projects and collaborations in favor of those actively involved in the gastronomy and the food-based sector. 

Délice Network works with the member cities by:     

  • Offering a platform to capitalize on each city's strategy
  • Organizing knowledge transmission and creating intelligence
  • Coordinating global advocacy on food-related topics
  • Facilitating partnerships and collaborative projects


Délice aims to be a quality professional city network, offering the member cities a diverse and rich panel of partner cities to work with within the network. As such, while the network is looking to grow, it stays selective so that all members share the same values and objectives, guaranteeing a qualitative global working group.


The selection of the new member cities is based on the quality of their Food & Gastronomy and their motivation to engage in Délice Network to learn, share and build partnerships. 

Therefore, the recruitment of new partner cities is analyzed in regards to the following points :

  • Assets: The food culture, food scene, and food sector
  • Policies & Initiatives: the initiatives and public policies regarding food & gastronomy
  • Vision: how food & gastronomy will serve the city on a local, national and international level
  • Motivation: the intention to engage within Délice Network and partner with member cities


How to apply?

All candidacies are reviewed by the members of Délice Network and submitted to a vote.  New cities may join the network all year long.

Any candidate city may contact the main office of Délice to receive the full Recruitment Pack with the information about the recruitment procedure and membership fee.