About Us


Délice Network is a non-profit organization and a tool for worldwide cities who consider food and gastronomy as a boost for urban economic development and city attractiveness, by learning, sharing and connecting.

These cities believe that thanks to their heritage and strong gastronomic culture or their strong food strategy, they can gain impact in terms of city attractiveness, economic development, employment and general well-being.

In an urban environment, food offer is essential. Cities have a role to play to develop a qualitative and diverse food offer for the local population & tourists.

Members of Délice Network are representatives or municipalities, city marketing agencies or tourism boards… experts from all horizons convinced of the need to build a strong food strategy in their city.


Délice aims to become the most significant professional network linking food and gastronomy to city development, promotion and the overall wellbeing of its citizens.

Délice brings together the representatives of member cities, involved in implementing food-related projects and initiatives, to share their experience and best practices, to grow knowledge together and to create strong multilateral partnerships.


a platform to capitalize
on each city’s strategy


knowledge transmission
and create intelligence 


global advocacy on
food-related topics


partnerships and
collaborative projects 

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After 10 years of hard work and wonderful responses from our international members, Délice plans to strengthen the network by extending its international presence.

New members of this exclusive network will have the opportunity to share experiences and best practices worldwide, compare their different approaches, get inspired from each other, create partnerships and stay up to date on the moving trends regarding food & gastronomy.