Délice Network News
October 03, 2018


The cities of Gaziantep in Turkey and Tucson in the USA are both examples of dynamic cities who believe that food can make a difference. Welcome to them!

Délice Network keeps expanding with new cities who have made the choice to act on Food & Gastronomy to develop their economy, be more attractive and grow local wellbeing. Following a vote from all Délice Network members, Gaziantep & Tuscon have become the 25th and 26th member cities of the network.

Gaziantep, located in the Anatolia Region of Turkey definitely has food within its DNA. The great cultural heritage is preserved and developed by local organizations and universities who develop varies of projects and initiatives around education and city branding for promotion.

Tuscon, the second largest city of Arizona, gets its strength from its special geographical conditions and its location, close to the Mexican border. Food in Tuscon is a way to create social bonds, to learn from each-other and to build a strong community. The Tuscon local organizations, lead by VisitTucson work daily in promoting these great values.

Diversity is the strength of Délice Network as each member city bring to the group their culture, their approach to food & gastronomy and their way of using their assets for the development of their city.