Délice Network News
September 04, 2018

Délice Network, partner of the Lyon Street Food Festival

Three cities of the Network are coming to Lyon for a promotion operation around street food

From September 13 to 16, Lyon will celebrate worldwide street food with the support of Délice Network. 

After having Puebla & Hong Kong participate to the 2017 edition, delegations and chefs from Izmir, Montreal and again Hong Kong are on their way!

Launched in 2016, the Lyon Street Food Festival has quickly become one of the most important food event of the city and maybe the most important street food event in France. Every year in September, Michelin starred chefs, food truck vendors and foreign chefs gather in the beautiful venue "Subsistances" for a three-day celebration around food, music and culture.

Délice Network has been partner of the organizers of the festival, in close link with the City of Lyon and Grand Lyon Metropole. Délice cities have been invited to bring an international touch to the festival. A dedicated corner is arranged for each guest city, who bring along chefs preparing their local dishes, adapted to the street food format. Some cultural workshops are also organized for the participants to experience a full cultural immersion. For the guest cities, the Festival is a great opportunity to run a promotional activity for the French market.

3 Chefs from Montreal, 3 Chefs from Izmir and 1 chef from Hong Kong are about to fly to Lyon to meet with the 22 000 expected visitors!

Watch the teaser video for the 2018 Festival