Délice Network News
June 19, 2018


2017 was a milestone for Délice. 10 years anniversary, 10 years believing that food & gastronomy have a real role to play in the development of our cities. The celebration of this first decade was seen as the opportunity to look back at what has been achieved and to look to the future to where the network is headed.


After the election of a new Executive Committee late 2016, this strategic mission was given to the Board, looking to open up to a new decade of our organization.

2017 has therefore been a year of reflexion, questionings and analysis, bringing all member to think about what kind of Network they want and how they intend to work together.

2017 was also marked by the incredible chef pairing organized by Montreal at the occasion of the 275th anniversary of the City. 15 member cities participated to the MONTREAL EN LUMIERE Festival program, having a Chef and a journalist spend a few days within a Montreal Restaurant for a unique chef pairing.

The three Délice Gatherings organized in Montreal, Lausanne and Aarhus allowed our cities to gain strong knowledge and competences on various topics and to keep strengthening their relationships.

Many changes are coming ahead of 2018 making this year of transition a special moment for Délice. We all agree that Food & Gastronomy are more and more present in cities’ strategies all around the world, giving to our network a great opportunity to nourish its members and partners.

Olivier MARETTE, President of Délice Network

Délice Representative of Brussels