Délice Network News
August 26, 2019

New Executive Committee elected

6 cities compose the new Board of Délice Network

The members of Délice were asked to vote this summer, in preparation of the upcoming AGM in Stavanger.


The Executive Committee is elected for 3-years, in order to take the strategic decisions to ensure the proper development and the effectiveness of the network. To ensure continuity, some of the former members decided to stay while some new faces have joined the Board of the organization.

While their mandate will officially start on September 22 in Stavanger at the occasion of the AGM, the name of the 6 winning cities have been communicated to all members

Olivier Marette – Brussels (Brussels), President

Olivier has been reelected for a second term as president of Délice Network. As food expert for the Tourism Office of Brussels, Olivier is highly engaged in his position and looking to keep developing the network for the upcoming years.

May Andresen – Stavanger (Norway), Vice-president

The Norwegian member city is taking over the representation of Scandinavia in the Excom. Stavanger has been an implicated and active member since the early years of the network and therefore very legitimate to seat as Vice-president

Georges Képénékian & Juliette Cantau – Lyon (France)

As founding city of the network, Lyon was again reelected to be part of the board. The Deputy-Mayor Georges Képénékian is represented by Juliette Cantau, from International Affairs to represent his vision of food & gastronomy within the Excom

Reinher Behrens - Cape Winelands (South Africa)

As the only member in Africa, the Cape Winelands enter the Excom, represented by CEO of the Tourism Office. The Winelands, located outside of Cape Town are a food & wine heaven for local and international tourists.

Felipe Garcia – Tucson (USA)

As one of the growing foodie city of the USA, Tucson is one of the newest member of the network but has decided to dedicated time and energy to the organization through the representation of the Vice-President of VisitTucson, Felipe Garcia.

Ignasi de Delas & Sergi Mari – Barcelona (Spain)

Former member of the Excom, Barcelona is committing for a new mandate, now represented by the Tourism office and the city of Barcelona. Both institutions are very engaged in food & gastronomy for the city and the network.