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Bouffées d’Art

October 12, 2021

Lausanne invites Culture in closed restaurants

At first, it was just an idea… the idea of a foodie who was getting bored of seeing everything closed for so long. Her vision was simple: to make something happen when nothing is happening.

A crazy idea for some, as many turned down the project when it needed financial support.
An excellent idea for Marine Grasser, who decided to build her project anyway, with no money but with passion. 


From the crazy idea of bringing together Culture & Gastronomy, Marine Gasser created a series of 10 beautiful videos. While all doors were closed, restaurants opened up to performers of different sorts who presented their talents to the viewers stuck at home.

Bouffées d’Art, a Breath of Art. The name says it all. The restaurateurs were called to host guests. The performers were called to perform. A sense of normality when everything was all but normal.

Marine Gasser partnered with a filmmaker and a photographer who worked together without funds to produce the videos. She created a website herself and used social media to present the work. And the magic happened! 

Local & National media viewed and shared the videos, social media numbers started rising, and support messages came from all over Switzerland. Marine even received a donation from a local citizen who wanted to show her respect for the project. Marine decided to share it among all performers as a gesture.
This project cost nothing but was priceless. It showed the possible solidarity among the industries that suffered the most from the restrictions. It showed that so much is possible to link Food to Culture.

Take a moment to view Bouffées d’Art and see how this beautiful project could be replicated in your city!

Willing to know more?
Contact Marine Gasser, initiator of the project & Event Coordinator for the Lausanne à Table association: