Cali, Colombia joins the network

March 14, 2019

Cali becomes the 28th member of Délice Network

Located in the Valle de Cauca region, Cali is becoming a must-see city in Colombia. By joining Délice Network, the institutions and partners are looking to preserve their culinary heritage and offer the best of it to their visitors.

Cali, Colombia is the first Colombian city and the first city of South-America to join Délice Network. As the country is facing an important touristic growth these past years, the institutions of the Valle de Cauca have decided to work strongly on food & gastronomy to ensure a sustainable, social and respectful touristic growth.

The Valle de Cauca region, between the mountains and the sea, offers a great variety of products used for the local food scene. The uniqueness of the food culture of the region comes from the different cultures who have shared the land over the years. 

Julian Franco, the Secretary of Tourism for the Valle de Cauca and main representative for Délice Network says :

"If you set your eyes in the southwest of Colombia, you’ll find a place where rhythm inspires the daily life of its citizens. Cali, the salsa capital of the world, is a city where multi-ethnic and diverse cultures converge to create an exceptional gastronomic scene. Our cuisine, is characterized by an exquisite mixture of tastes, textures, and fragrances that can transport you throughout the corners of our region, from the pacific to our sugar cane valleys. We are more than honored to join Delice, thank you for this amazing opportunity!" 

The city of Cali will be represented by the municipality, the region and the two main restaurant and chef associations of the city of Cali.