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Gatumat and Gourmet Documentary

Malmö is buzzing with talented and innovative entrepreneurs in the field of food. This project shows the impressive depth and breadth of Malmö's oh-so-international food scene. Fun and fine-dining side by side! 

In 2017, the local food blogger Pierre Orsander attempted to set a successful world record in eating at a maximum of restaurants in the shortest amount of time. Since then, he has eaten his way through the world’s fourth most international city – Malmö – and visited over 300 restaurants. A real promotion tool for the city!

In the documentary and entertaining film series “Gatumat and Gourmet”, you accompany Pierre on a journey through Malmö in order to discover the city from both a street food and a gourmet perspective.

How is the series set-up?

The films take the visitor through Malmö's international food scene and showcase 8 different dishes from a street food and gourmet perspective, like for example falafel, dumplings, and steak tartar. 

“Gatumat and Gourmet” aims to inspire people to experience Malmö’s extremely cosmopolitan food scene and inspire people to get out and discover new flavors.

What is the target audience? 

The project targets curious, hungry Malmö residents but most of all for foodies from outside the city who are either planning a trip to Malmö or are looking for new destinations with dining experiences as part of the stay. 

The series started in early 2020 with 22 restaurants, where 8 dishes were portrayed from a street food and gourmet perspective. The series is produced by ORSANDER Media & Communications and Coyote Productions in collaboration with and for Matkanalen (NO) and Godare.se (SE). The food channel itself has over 600 000 viewers a month.