Malmö, Sweden joins the network

June 20, 2019

Malmö becomes the 29th member of Délice Network

Located in the south of Sweden, Malmö is the third largest city and is the second Swedish City joining Délice Network and enhance a diversified culinary culture. Their food strategy based on sustainability, multi-cultures and local products offers to the Network and Délice Members a great added-value.

Malmö is a true haven for any foodie, boasting an abundance of small scale organic producers. It is no wonder, then, that Malmö has so many restaurants and cafes with a terroir-driven approach. Visitors can enjoy locally sourced, fresh produce at their tables, get it straight from one of our local food heroes at the many artisanal shops, or at the bustling food market.

The city of Malmö will be mainly represented by the City of Malmö. They received the certificate of the ISO 20121, which is a voluntary international standard for sustainable event management. The City of Malmö have worked on a policy for sustainable development and food in their city! 

 Karin Tingstedt, Head of Events, Malmö Tourism and main representative for Délice Network says :
“By joining Délice Network, the institutions and partners are looking to connect with Délice members cities and to meet with food entrepreneurs who share their passion for culinary city promotion.”

Diversity is the strength of Délice Network as each member city bring to the group their culture, their approach to food & gastronomy and their way of using their assets for the development of their city.

Welcome to Malmö !