Délice network

Meet the Team

October 06, 2022

Délice's new faces

Délice is excited to present to you the new Délice Head Office team! As the organization is growing and developing, it is time for Délice to expand its team to support the organization’s vision and lead it. 

First of all, we have the longest-serving team member, Camille Chaumeron-Jourdan, our Program Developer. She supports the organization 3-days a week as an independent consultant. She remains in charge of international projects and EU funding development. Camille's role is to identify project opportunities and manage them successfully. She is currently in charge of 2 international projects involving members of the Délice network. Thanks to her outstanding work and dedication, a project led by Délice Network has been selected by the Erasmus+ program and co-funded by the EU.

We have our new Executive Director, Elisabetta Bernardini. Elisabetta joined the Team in June 2022. But she had already worked with the Network in 2018, to replace the former Délice manager during her maternity leave. She will now be the Head of Délice Main Office in Lyon, overseeing day-to-day activities and directing organizational strategy. She will be the main contact for all members and the direct link with the Executive Committee and external partners.

And finally, we have Jessica Arifowomo, our trainee, who joins the team as the new International Communication Officer. Something new for Délice as the organization wishes to communicate more widely on its platforms. Jessica will be in charge of creating content to ensure smooth communication on all our events and activities. She will also join Elisabetta and Camille in managing the projects of Délice and its partners.

We look forward to seeing this new organization grow and implement new innovative and strong ideas. A dedicated and ambitious team that believes in the vision of Délice!