February 25, 2019

After chefs, time to pair mixologists in Tucson!

For the first time in Délice Network, the cocktail scene will be honored during the Délice Network meeting in May in Tucson, Arizona.  

Member cities with a strong cocktail culture are invited to bring along the best mixologist of their city for a three-day program. These special guests will be participating in the Agave Heritage Festival, the flagship event of Tucson celebrating the Agave plant. Each guest will be paired with a local mixologist to share working techniques and prepare unique performances to surprise the visitors with outstanding cocktails.

For the "MEZCrawl", the pairs will be asked to create and serve a unique cocktail using Mezcal. Later, they will each be invited to prepare and serve their signature drink during the evening ' Cocktail from around the world", in presence of the press.

For this unique event, 6 cocktails expert from around the globe should be present to promote their city and create special bonds with partners in Tucson.  

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