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Montréal En Lumière 2023

March 23, 2023


As we can read on the official website, every winter since its inaugural edition in 2000, MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE FESTIVAL offers Montrealers and visitors hundreds of delicious activities to enjoy. Since its beginning, over 600 special guests from the culinary world from over 20 countries, have come to celebrate the best of what Quebec gastronomy has to offer: its chefs, producers, artisans, and culinary culture. During the Festival, the Quartier des Spectacles and its Place des Festivals the headquarters of downtown celebrations become THE essential winter destination offering a wide range of free activities for all. 



It is from February 16 to March 5, 2023, that three of our Nordic Délice cities Helsinki, Gothenburg, and Stavanger joined our friends from Montreal to partake in this year’s edition, with the theme "Experience the Best of Montreal in Winter" : an incredible experience for foodies and enthusiasts of international cuisine. 

The festival is the biggest winter event in the city launched 23 years ago with the intention of revitalizing the city in winter. Fun fact: Charles Dutoit, the famous orchestra conductor who was born in Délice city Lausanne, and Paul Bocuse, the famous starred chef from Délice city Lyon, were both presented as honorary presidents for the 1st edition of the festival. 

Year after year the success of the festival grew hosting thousands of visitors and guest chefs.

With a unique program that blends the performing arts, gastronomy, and other activities, Montréal En Lumière enables visitors to enjoy Montreal's winter to the fullest. Some of the activities that make this festival so popular include food tastings: particularly fascinating culinary activities fusing Montreal cuisine with cuisine from other regions, as a result of the pairing of renowned foreign chefs with the top local chefs in Montreal's gourmet food scene. 
A chance for our Nordic chefs from Helsinki, Gothenburg, and Stavanger to lend a touch of the Nordic to the festival's offerings.


It’s so incredible to see that the MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE festival really shares the Stavanger, Norway mentality. Great support, showcasing local products, elevating and sharing culinary know-how. And absolutely incredible hospitality! Thank you for having us over.said Sigurður Rúnar Ragnarsson (alias Siggi) a chef from Stavanger invited to Renoir.


























Montréal En Lumière 24th edition was undoubtedly a success, this occasion served as yet another illustration of the values Délice stands for learning, sharing, and connecting.





To view the press release on the festival results, click here




Photography Credit:
©photographer Benoit Rousseau
©photographer Victor Lamich 
©photographer Frederique Ménard-Aubin