New Vice-President

January 17, 2019

Following the resignation of Camilla Nyman from her position of CEO of Gothenburg & Co and consequently as Vice-President of Délice Network, a new Vice-president had to be appointed until the end of the current mandate.
We are pleased to announce the appointment of Ignasi de Delàs as Délice Network’s Vice-President. His tenure began January 16, 2019 after the vote of the Executive Committee (Excom) in Bruxelles. Ignasi is the Deputy General Manager of Turisme de Barcelona and has been very committed to the improvement of the network. Barcelona is one of the founding members of Délice Nework and Ignasi has been part of the Excom since 2013.

As Vice-President, he will work closely with the president Olivier Marette, the Executive committee members and the Head Office of Délice Network situated in Lyon. 
The next Excom election will occur on September 24 during the Annual General Meeting in Stavanger.

Congratulation to Ignasi de Delàs!