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September 20, 2021

Meet the Camilles'

The organization has grown and developed over the past years.
Time has come for Délice Network to change scale in order to better support the member cities and keep developing new collaborative projects.
Since September 13, there is a new face in the Network!

Camille Chaumeron-Jourdan, will support the organization 3-days a week as an independent consultant. Her expertise in International projects & EU Fundings will bring new expertise to the organization.
Her precious contribution will be used to identify and develop new project opportunities, look for the appropriate funding and lead the projects.

Her first task will be to lead the EU Funded project SchoolFood4Change that Délice Network will be involved in from 2022 to 2026, as a partner of the City of Lyon.

Camille Benoist, the Manager of the Network, will remain the main contact to all members and the direct link with the Executive Committee and external partners.
This new organization should allow the network to implement more innovative projects among cities and to keep positioning Délice Network as an important player in the global discussion on Food & Cities.

If you are a member of the Network, feel free to reach out to the team to share any new project idea!

If you are an external partner, let's talk and see how we wan work together!