Délice network

Tbilisi joins Délice Network

June 11, 2020

The Capital City of Georgia becomes the 32nd member of the network

Délice Network is continuing it's development at a global level by welcoming the first city of the Caucasian area. Tbilisi, the rising destination has asked to join the network and been approved with great enthusiasm by a majority of members.

Within the Caucasian area, there was no doubt that Tbilisi was the best candidate to join Délice Network. This rising capital represents the ancient food culture of the whole country and part of the region. With a history of wine production of over 8000 years and a food cultures still preserved and untouched, Tbilisi is a food sanctuary that many foodies have their eyes on.

While the country is opening to tourism, the Municipality of Tbilisi is looking to use this asset to develop their international image. Preserving this heritage in order to promote it will be a key challenge for the next years in Georgia.

They have become in May 2020 the 32nd member of Délice Network, looking to learn, share and connect with similar cities and create strong global partnerships.

The city will be represented by Nata Kurkhuli, Tourism Specialist within the Economic Development Department of the Municipality.


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