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Helsinki’s culinary scene is truly blooming at the moment. The restaurant offering in downtown Helsinki is better than ever before and you can find anything from affordable tasty pizzas to high-end Michelin-starred restaurants. Cooking by the season is natural for Finns and the restaurants mainly use simple and fresh ingredients in their dishes. Helsinki’s several indoor and outdoor markets sell seasonal local products that are beyond comparison.

The Finns are among the biggest coffee drinkers in the world, and have been for decades. Helsinki today has one of the most vibrant coffee scenes in the Nordic Region.

(Photo © Lauri Rotko/Helsinki Marketing)


Baltic Herring Market

The traditional Herring market will be held annually in October at the Market Square. The oldest traditional event in Helsinki has been held since 1743. The fishermen working on the Baltic Sea will bring their salted herring to market, as well as a delicious selection of herring marinades from rowan berries to red pepper.

(Photo © Eetu Ahanen/Helsinki Marketing) 


of Helsinki

Helsinki’s gourmet festival, where the best restaurants in the city make a fabulous feast for you to enjoy. At Taste of Helsinki you will have an opportunity to create your own tasting menu from the participating restaurants, getting a snapshot of the city’s gourmet restaurant scene in one place and at one time. Taste of Helsinki is organized annually in June.

(Photo © Hanna Hurtta/Taste of Helsinki)


Coffee Festival

Helsinki Coffee Festival is the biggest coffee festival in Northern Europe. It is the perfect place to reach the coffee industry professionals as well as the coffee lovers. The festival atmosphere is created by the hottest DJs, tastiest coffee drinks and a packed programme of interesting events. Held annually in April.

(Photo © Jussi Hellsten/Helsinki Marketing)

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