23 - 25 Sep 2019


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Food and Gastronomy in a SMART city

The 2019 Annual General meeting will take place from September 23 to 25, in Stavanger, South-West of Norway in the frame of the Nordic Edge Expo. A three-day program of networking and experience sharing among Délice members. The AGM will also be the opportunity for the official new elected Executive committee to begin their 3-year.


Today, most cities are developing SMART policies and gastronomy needs to be included in the discussions about a more sustainable, connected and inclusive city. This meeting will be dedicated on “ Food and Gastronomy in a SMART city” with a special focus on how to improve the quality and the sustainability of the food offer in MICE event. 
This gathering will also be the opportunity to understand the work of Stavanger’s organizations and meet the actors of the food & gastronomy scene.

Nordic Edge Expo:
This is the largest SMART city event in the Nordics promoting solutions for smarter cities and communities. By bringing together the best thinkers, exhibitors and partners, Nordic Edge Expo is a real think-tank for inspiration, insights, idea exchange and action. Délice Network will be co-organizer of the Nordic Edge Expo, and will organize and animate a session during the Nordic Edge dedicated to: Sustainable Food in the MICE Market.

Délice Food Court:
During the AGM, chefs from Délice cities are invited to take part in a workshop dedicated to the catering of MICE Events. They will be asked to challenge themselves by cooking for the Nordic Edge exhibition visitors at the lunch breaks. All chefs will have limited time and will need to serve local and seasonal food from the Region while serving a healthy full meal experience.

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