27 - 29 Oct 2020


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Online Annual General Meeting

Analyzing the consequences of the Covid Crisis on our food cities

For this 100% online gathering, focus on the city of Mérida, Mexico. All members from around the globe are invited to connect for a series of 9 online sessions to learn, share & connect


Learning, Sharing, Connecting

The members of Délice Network all believe in the power of food to bring people together and facilitate connections. That is what they are looking to develop in their own city and it is what they experience within the network.

For this very special AGM, the challenge will be to keep the rich discussions and the connections among worldwide members, in a virtual mode.

During 3 days, from Oct 27 to 29, members are invited to log on for 9 sessions of 60 minutes where they will be gaining knowledge through experts, learning from each other and enjoying a reunion.


Analyzing the consequences of the Covid Crisis on our Food Cities

Considering the exceptional year we are in and the strong impact this crisis has had on the food sector of all worldwide cities, we will focus the discussions on a projection in the future to understand how this crisis will impact our food cities in the longer term.

Experts Carolyn Steel, author and architect specialized in food & cities will be proposing a key-note on "How Food Can Save the World". In addition, expert Hans Steenbergen, co-founder of the Food Inspiration Magazing, will be enlighting us with his expertise on the F&B sector through a key-note called "The Big Reset".


Focus on Mérida

The Municipality of Mérida had put together an extraordinary program to allow the Délice members to discover the unique culture of the Yucatecan capital, while understanding how the city is using food to trigger the social issues and draw international attention.

Through an introduction to their food strategy and a sensorial experience, members will be offered a trip to Mérida, from their homes.


Open Sessions

While some sessions are restricted to official members, some may be shared among member cities

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