01 Jan 2015 - 31 Dec 2018

Izmir International Gastronomic

Tourism Congress
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Izmir International Gastronomic

Tourism Congress

Four years ago, Izmir understood the importance of “gastronomic tourism” in regional marketing and created the International Gastronomic Tourism Congress to discuss and study the influence of different cultures and beliefs on the cuisine. 

The congress aims to gather different leaders of tourism and gastronomy, experts and educators to exchange and discuss on the new approaches and trends that are useful to understand to improve the tourism industry and the city attractiveness. 
Several Délice Network city representatives have attended the event over the years and since 2016, the city of Izmir invites a Délice Network city to participate to the congress as Guest City in order to learn more on their culinary cultures and habits, typical products, their gastronomic institutions, their gastronomic marketing strategies and much more!
Being the guest city of this important Congress gives Délice Network cities the chance to show their food & wine traditions and to get in touch with the “Turkish Travel Agency Association”, different “Tour Operators” and “International Travel Agencies especially those coming from the Middle East.

Guest city for the 2018 edition: Lisbon

Guest city for the 2017 edition: Torino

Guest city for the 2016 edition: Puebla