17 - 19 May 2017


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Terroir as part of the Urban Food strategy

Lausanne, a founding member of Délice, decided to show a new face to the Délice members for this meeting.


The city with great Terroir presented all the modern and trendy initiatives created by the Lausanne à Table foodie organization but also by young entrepreneurs who have decided to honor their terroir.

Members of Délice cities were given the opportunity to challenge themselves on how they can use Terroir in their urban food strategies in order to promote the link between rural and urban, while offering new economic perpectives in their territory.

Guest speakers such as Alessandra Roversi and Nathalie Spielmann were invited to share their knowledge and Passion about the topic and the field visits gave the opportunity to delegations from 10 member cities to discover the uniqueness of the great Swiss Food City.

Press Release: Comment vendre le terroir de Lausanne à l’étranger. FR

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After years of hard work and wonderful responses from our international members, Délice plans to strengthen the network by extending its international presence.

Délice is seeking for cities with a new and innovative approach to food & gastronomy as well as a strong food culture. New members of this exclusive network will have the opportunity to share experiences and best practices worldwide, compare their different approaches, get inspired from each other, create partnerships and stay up to date on the moving trends regarding food & gastronomy.