23 - 25 Nov 2021


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Heritage on a Plate

Izmir 2021

After a 2-year forced pause, the first Délice Network Gathering will be held in Irmir, Turkey, a member of the network since 2015. To celebrate our first reunion and shared meals, what better place than Turkey, a country with an ancient and thriving food culture. A country where hospitality and food are so connected.


On the menu of this historical gathering: Food Heritage.

Our heritage is present in every part or our daily lives. It defines the way we communicate, the way we work and of course the way we eat. Food culture relies of course on local products, but also on how we behave around food; the social habits that surround a meal.

For visitors in Turkey, the quality of hospitality is directly linked to this heritage.

In all countries and cities, this amazing asset needs to be protected and used wisely to stay attractive. Thanks to our guest experts, our conference & discussions will help us figure out what defines our food heritage and how can we best leverage it.

During the 3-day program prepared by the Municipality of Izmir, Délice delegates will experience the diversity of Izmir's food scene. They will be meeting the men and women who dedicate their energy in preserving and promoting Aegean cuisine, with strong consideration for the ressources and the environment.

Time to meet again in Izmir!


Meet the Experts


Pati Jinich
Chef, Author & TV Host
Washington, USA

Pati Jinich is the host of the 3x James Beard Award-winning and 4x Emmy nominated
television series “Pati’s Mexican Table”. Pati is the resident chef at the Mexican
Cultural Institute in Washington D.C. and author of several cookbooks.
She was named one of the “100 Greatest Cooks of All Time” by Epicurious in 2017 and was profiled on the front page of The New York Times food section in October 2018 in the feature “Forget the Wall: Pati Jinich Wants to Build a Culinary Bridge to Mexico.”




Maxime Michaud
Researcher in Social Science on Food Cultures, Institut Paul Bocuse
Lyon, France

Head of the Social Sciences team, Maxime's work focuses on socio-cultural
dynamics of contemporary food. He is particularly working on cooking practices
at home, on the dynamics and transformations of the alimentary practices on a
global scale and on the socio-cultural representations related to food.
Furthermore, he is involved in researches on service interaction (in hospital and
school environments) and on socialization through cuisine.




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