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Délice aims to facilitate connections and collaborations between the member cities. Throughout network multilateral collaborations, cities have the opportunity to strengthen their relationships with other cities.

Thriller & Gastronomy

Cape Town & Lisbon in Lyon

The Quais du Polar Book Festival is a highlight of Lyon's cultural scene. For the 2022 edition, the Festival called out to Délice to set up two exceptional evenings in restaurants, in presence of international authors and chefs. For this first attempt, Cape Town & Lisbon were celebrated through 4-hand dinners with a Lyonnais chef, in presence of two authors from the cities.

Kobe Farm Fest

Kobe, Riga & Portland

As part of the Gastropolis Kobe, one of Kobe's biggest food event, The Kobe farm fest invited two Délice cities, Riga and Portland, to present and promote their city through gastronomy. During their stay, they had the chance to meet with officials and city representatives from Kobe. 

Göteborg Restaurant Association discovers Madrid

Göteborg & Madrid

Göteborg Restaurant association wanted to organized its General Assembly in a Délice City, and thus they choose Madrid. During their meeting, they discovered Madrid's gastronomic scene, and went back to Sweden empowered with inspiration and innovative ideas. This collaboration was facilitated by Madrid's tourist office. 

Tucson in Montreal

Tucson & Montreal

In November 2019, Felipe Garcia, vice-president of Visit Tucson was invited by Toursim Montreal to come and share Tucson's experience in building their food/gastronomy strategy during a workshop. Indeed, Montreal is rethinking its strategic plan and got inspired by Tucson's way of doing! 

The Brusselicious Label

Brussels, Lyon

Brussels was looking to create a label to promote Belgian cuisine restaurants and chip stands. They created the label “Brusselicious” that showcase Brussels certified restaurants. This label was created with the inspiration of the Lyon’s label “Les Bouchons Lyonnais” and with the collaboration of Lyon, another Délice Network member. ©T.Le Duc

C’est Lyon qui régale

Lyon, Lausanne

ONLY LYON Tourism & Convention Bureau was looking to promote the food scene of Lyon, to the citizens of Lyon and also the tourists. They created a gourmet agenda, called “It’s Lyon’s Treat”, showcasing the rich diversity of the food offer in Lyon. This project was created with the inspiration of Lausanne à Table and with the collaboration of another member, Lausanne. 

Terra Madre – Salone Del Gusto

Torino, Stavanger and Aahrus

In the City of Torino was held in September 2018 the Terra Madre - Salone Del Gusto, the flagship event of Slowfood.  Two member cities commited in sustainable food, Stavanger (Norway) and Aarhus (Denmark), were invited to participate and exchange on the challenges and plans for the future. 
Stavanger participated to the Regional Meeting for Slow Food Nordic countries while Aarhus participated at the Earthink Festival dedicated on food & Sustainability in Terra Madre. 

Food Truck Festival

Brussels, Riga

At the Brussels Food Truck Festival 2016 the City of Riga was represented by Latvian burger company B-Burgers, specialising in preperation of craft burgers from biological local products. Their signature dish is Chef’s burger that consists  of grilled biological beef, caramelised onions in  lime-tree honey, cheese, spicy sauce, tomato and lettuce accompanied by home made crisps and sauces. At the festival refreshing Valmiermuiža sodas from typical Latvian fruits and berries – quince, lingonberry and chokeberry, were also offered alongside the burger.
The B-Burgers food truck travelled some 2000 km from Riga to Brussels to promote the Riga - Gauja Region 2017 – the  European Region of Gastronomy.


Brussels, Bordeaux

The name says it all. In September, the city of Brussels has hosted a culinary festival giving visitors the opportunity to taste Brussel’s gastronomy while enjoying Bordeaux’s wines. A perfect symbiosis for the sixth edition of this festival where 15 chefs and 5 pastry chefs from Brussels and 50 wine-growers from Bordeaux were gathered.

Wine and Dine festival

Hong Kong, Bordeaux

During a three day festival each October, the Honk Kong Wine and Dine Festival, organized in partnership with the Bordeaux Wine Council, gathers the best food from all over Hong Kong and the best wines from Bordeaux. In a celebration of culinary excellence, created 10 years ago, over 450 booths serve food and drinks to 150 000 visitors. A festival not to be missed in Hong Kong giving a great visibility to Bordeaux Wines.

Comptoir Suisse

Lausanne, Birmingham, Barcelona, Lyon

In 2012, during this important public event, Lausanne invited three Délice Network cities to bring along a chefs to showcase their cuisine and their specialties to the public. Birmingham, Barcelona and Lyon participated in the presence of chefs Andy Waters, Rafa Penya & Martin Schmied.

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