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23 May 2024

Brussels, Riga

Food Truck Festival

At the Brussels Food Truck Festival 2016 the City of Riga was represented by Latvian burger company B-Burgers, specialising in preperation of craft burgers from biological local products. Their signature dish is Chef’s burger that consists  of grilled biological beef, caramelised onions in  lime-tree honey, cheese, spicy sauce, tomato and lettuce accompanied by home made crisps and sauces. At the festival refreshing Valmiermuiža sodas from typical Latvian fruits and berries – quince, lingonberry and chokeberry, were also offered alongside the burger.
The B-Burgers food truck travelled some 2000 km from Riga to Brussels to promote the Riga - Gauja Region 2017 – the  European Region of Gastronomy.