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24 - 26 May 2024

Study Tour

Four centuries of traditions on your plate


Puebla Study Tour


Culinary Heritage Study Tour in Puebla, Mexico

On the occasion of the trip to Merida for the AGM 2024, members of the Délice Network were invited for a Study Tour in the member city of Puebla, from May 24th to 26th, 2024 a few days before the AGM.

Delegates from five cities (Tucson, Délice HQ in Lyon, San Antonio, Stavanger and Helsinkigathered to explore Puebla's rich culinary heritage and its modern gastronomic scene. The visit also focused on how Puebla uses gastronomy as a powerful tool for tourism promotion.


Day 1 - Discovering Puebla's Historical Flavors

The tour began with a panoramic ride, offering stunning views of the city's landmarks. Members visited the Capilla del Rosario and the Biblioteca Palafoxiana, a UNESCO Memory of the World site.

A walking tour of Callejón de los Sapos followed, where participants experienced local culture and flavors.

The visit ended with a culinary workshop on Mole Poblano, a traditional dish, in the framework of a press conference and  showcase of Puebla’s imminent participation as international guest to to the Lyon Street Food Festival (another Délice collaboration!).

After a presentation on Gastronomy as a promotion tool by Tourism Director Carlos Huerta Ramírez, the day continued with another gastronomic workshop in a traditional confectionery, where ancestral recipes are still used.
An inspiring discovery of Puebla’s traditions and of the way they are used to boost culinary tourism.


Day 2 - A Blend of Tradition and Modernity

The second day took the group to a Mezcal tasting at Atlixquense, to learn how this ancestral drink is produced, with a work based on 3 pillars: the valuation of mezcal itself and its traditional blending, the valuation of mezcal families and the valuation of women's work in its production.

Lunch was hosted at Vaivén Gastronómico, which is part of the important project from Puebla called "Mesas Poblanas" (described on Puebla page of our website): with guests, Chef Amaranta Flores discussed sustainability strategies and Chef Roderick LeDesma from Tucson shared insights on UNESCO Cities of Gastronomy.

The day concluded with a visit to the Museo Amparo with a special focus on kitchen and gastronomy, and a dinner at Mural de los Poblanos, also part of "Mesas Poblanas".

This trip inspired members on how Puebla combines its rich culinary history with modern gastronomy to promote tourism, making it a vibrant destination for foodie tourists and citizens.


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