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01 Jan - 31 Dec 2022

Cities at the Table

Video Series

Video Series

Cities at the Table

All around the world, cities are developing strategies around Food & Gastronomy.

offering employment & entrepreneurship opportunities,
Improving sustainability and health of citizens,
promoting the local culture to visitors,
developing social cohesion … there are many outcomes to a well-designed local food strategy.

Created by Délice Network, the series “Cities at the Table” aims to shed light on how different cities are working on food: their priorities, their values, and their accomplishments.

Through a discussion and a shared meal between a Policy Maker, a Chef & a local food specialist, dive into the food cultures of the Délice Network cities and understand their work!


Episode 1: Birmingham

Chef Matthew Knight welcomes Councilor Paulette Hamilton & food activist Yumna Hussen in his kitchen….at Hillstone Primary School!
Together they will share a meal and discuss the key priorities for Birmingham: bringing good food into schools, promoting the diversity of food cultures, and growing a food movement, through action from local communities to international partnerships like Food Cities 2022.

Discover the Birmingham Food Revolution!



Episode 2: Lyon

Restaurant owner Diane Dupré La Tour welcomes Bocuse D'Or candidate Naïs Pirollet and Lyon city representative Gautier Chapuis to “Les Petites Cantines,” a participatory neighborhood kitchen in Lyon.

Around a nice meal, they discuss and share their experiences with cooking and gastronomy. And discuss the following topic: Universal access to good food. Especially by promoting local production and easing access to good and organic/local food. 



Episode 3: Pune

We discover the city of Pune, India. Gayatri Desai, chef, and owner of the Ground Up restaurant in Pune, welcomes journalist & eco-entrepreneur Irisha Poonawalla and Board Director at Mahratta Chamber of Commerce of Industries and Agriculture, Rujuta Jagtap. 

They come together to discuss three topics, Food Culture, Sustainability, and a Unified Food Sector, by promoting Pune’s local food and fostering local and chemical-free agriculture. All this around a delicious meal cooked by Gayatri.