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01 Dec 2019 - 08 May 2020

Working Group

Building a Food Strategy

2020 Working Group

Building a Food Strategy

December 2020 marks the official launching of Délice's very first working group, focusing on building a food strategy. 


Accordingly to the change from three to two international meetings per year, this new working method was established to support theme-based collaborations in smaller groups. This working group is about cities working together to reach the goal of each member, with external support & Délice HQ, and share their individual experience with the group to define together the perfect guidelines on how to build a Food Strategy. 

The different steps of the process will be as follow:

January 2020: defining the overall goal and the challenges, and design the stakeholders mapping and selection

March 2020: establish the strategic objectives, actions, and KPI's 

May 8th 2020: representatives of each city will gather for a full-day workshop in Lyon to pitch on the strategy they have been working on. 

To support them during the process and settle a clear, adaptable, long-term strategy, Borghild Eldøen will accompany participant cities to conceive their food strategies. Borghild has worked for over 20 years on developing strategies for private and public organizations and has solid food-related experience as Communication Manager at the Gladmat festival.

Participant cities:

Barcelona, Spain
Brussels, Belgium
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Cali, Colombia,
Tucson, USA
Stavanger, Norway