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22 - 23 Jun 2023

Study Tour

Wine & Sustainability in Bordeaux


Bordeaux Study Tour

It is at the occasion of the Bordeaux Wine Festival, that Bordeaux decided to embark three Délice Network city members, Chicago, Lausanne, Torino and an observer city on an immersive wine journey, in June 2023. 


An unmissable gastronomic destination especially when it comes to wine. The vineyards of Bordeaux are the largest fine-wine vineyards in the world. Indeed, the Port of the Moon a nickname given by the French to the city offers a large variety of wine. Going from red, dry, white, rosé, light reds to sparkling white wines. The city is undeniably the wine capital of the world and Bordeaux wines consistently rank among the best ones globally, owing to their renowned terroir.

To demonstrate this expertise and above all their new approach to sustainability in the wine sector Bordeaux, Torino, Lausanne, Chicago and an observer city gathered for a 2-day Study Tour dedicated to Gastronomy & Sustainability in the wine field.

A well-crafted program full of discoveries was presented to our cities. The program encompassed engaging conferences highlighting Bordeaux's sustainable initiatives, immersive visits to vineyards and wine museums, and finally a visit to the Bordeaux Wine Festival.

Conference on the sustainable activities of Bordeaux in the wine sector:

115 passionate individuals gathered around a roundtable to discuss and explore how Bordeaux has successfully integrated sustainable practices into its wine sector. This was a valuable opportunity for cities to exchange ideas and engage in discussions about the innovative strategies employed by Bordeaux to promote sustainability. 




Field visits:

Interesting field visits followed, showcasing Bordeaux's commitment to sustainability in the wine industry. Delegates had the privilege of visiting two remarkable vineyards: Chateau Fleur de Lisse in Saint Emilion and Chateau Paloumey in Medoc. Both vineyards embrace organic and biodynamic methods, demonstrating Bordeaux's dedication to environmentally friendly wine production.

To further enrich their experience, delegates explored La Cité du Vin, a renowned and captivating cultural center entirely devoted to the world of wine. This immersive center offered a fascinating glimpse into the rich heritage and culture surrounding wine.

The Bordeaux Wine Festival:

After a program rich in exchange and knowledge, the delegation had the opportunity to visit the 13th edition of the Bordeaux wine festival. An occasion that further enriched the knowledge acquired so far since the beginning of the study tour.

At the festival, the delegates could engage in wine tastings and explore captivating wine exhibitions. The festival offered the opportunity to travel and discovery, by including the unique experience of touring legendary tall ships. Moreover, the delegation could also explore the vibrant "gastronomic villages" that showcased the local products of skilled craftsmen and producers, as well as street food.

As a grand finale to this immersive event, our delegates were treated to a spectacular drone show, a breathtaking visual that certainly left beautiful memories of their stay in Bordeaux.


The Bordeaux Study Tour stands as a remarkable example of the principles of learning, sharing, and connecting. Illustrating the power of collective knowledge and the value of forging meaningful connections between cities.