Délice network
24 - 26 Sep 2019

Chef Challenge



Stavanger Chef Challenge

For the occasion of the 2019 Annual General Meeting in Stavanger, Délice Network helped co-organize the Nordic Edge Expo. The biggest SMART event in the Nordics, this exhibition brings thousands of visitors worldwide every year. To nourish all these people, bringing together tastefulness and effectiveness, is thus highly challenging.


Focusing on sustainable food and local products, Rogaland County and Stavanger came up with the idea of offering to the Nordic Edge Expo’s visitors healthy and delicious meals prepared with local ingredients only. That’s the challenge seven chefs from Délice cities decided to take on.

The chefs prepared more than a thousand food portions for the Nordic Edge Expo visitors during three days.

Discover the seven chefs’ menu who participated in the Chef Challenge

Todd Sicolo – Tucson, USA
- Steak steam bun with gochujang bbq sauce and kimchee

Maris Jansons – Riga, Latvia
- Pickled celery root with quinoa and salsa verde
- Lamb sausage with smoked potato mash and Portobello mushrooms

Tomonori Matsushima – Kobe, Japan
- Slow roasted pork with potato and mushroom, fermented soy sauce

Ibrahim Doga Citci – Gaziantep, Turkey
- Chickpea stew with lentils, bulgur, tomato, and parsley

Yves Mattagne – Brussels, Belgium
- Belgian waffle with goat’s cheese cream, leek, and truffle
- Belgian waffle with smoked salmon and eggs

Sergio Gil – Barcelona, Spain
- Slow roasted pork neck with garlic

Christian Manduro - Torino, Italy
- Italian Musselsoup with tomatoes and garlic toast