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Délice monthly treats


Delice monthly treats

Délice Monthly Treats: Take a break from your routine and grab a treat

In order to stay connected, Délice Network is offering its Monthly Treat: 1 hour – 1 topic!

These 60-minute online sessions allow the members to keep connected regularly. The Monthly Treats offer members all year long the possibility to raise the attention of their peers on specific topics:  an internal discussion, a best practice, an expert, a project proposal, a partner... different treats every time!

Watch out all Délice Monthly Treats session available on replay below.

Mar 2021

Gladmat Food Trails

Gladmat, or the "happy food" festival held annually in July, is four days of fun for foodies, usually drawing around 250,000 visitors to the Stavanger's harbor. Despite the pandemic, Gladmat has succeeded in adapting its program in 2020. A new activity was launched to ensure that local restaurants are part of the festival: the Gladmat Food trails, which took participants on a guided visit from restaurant to restaurant. Maren Skjelde, Gladmat General Manager, will return to a year of uncertainty and adaptation in running a food festival and explain lessons learned from the successful initiative.



Feb 21

Barcelona, 2021 World Sustainable Food Capital

How has Barcelona’s year as the World Sustainable Food Capital been a catalyst for a food transition towards sustainability that strengthens local economies and improves the health of both people and the planet?

Janv 21

Malmö's food policy: a Study Tour

Malmö, Sweden's third-largest city, is a bit of a rebel on the food scene. Here, vegan is the new black, and local food entrepreneurs are always pushing the sustainability envelope, which means that a meal eaten in Malmö is likely to be just as satisfying for the planet as for the diner. Malmö is also at the forefront of social gastronomy, using food to promote community integration and create jobs.


Dec 20

What's Cooking in Délicefor 2021?

2021 was just around the corner and is looking to be a very strategic year for our organization. Following the strategic orientations presented during the AGM, members joined to get to know Camille Chaumeron-Jourdan, the temporary Délice Manager, and learn more about EU funded project and the 2021 solidarity fund.

Nov 20

A Training Program for your Food Industry

The food entrepreneurs in our food cities need to reinvent themselves as the industry is shifting. How can we, as cities, support them and help them sustain themselves? Proper training may be the trick! Felipe Garcia from VisitTucson presented a project proposal with Scott Hessell from the Center for Retailing of the University of Arizona, setting up interactive and peer-to-peer training modules for the Délice partners.